Natural and Delicious Tooth Whitening

Skip the bleach and try these natural and delicious ways to whiten your teeth. Mother nature is amazing!

1. Apples- eating apples can help whiten your teeth because they contain malic acid. Many whitening toothpastes contain malic acid because of its stain fighting powers. An apple a day keeps the dentist away!

2.Strawberries- Not only do strawberries contain malic acid but they also have ellagitannins which reduce stain causing bacteria in your mouth!

3.Broccoli- Your mom was right, eat your broccoli! Crispy broccoli cleans and polishes plus the iron can provide a barrier to stain.

4. Raisins- Surprise, this chewy, sticky, sweet food helps you produce more saliva. Saliva neutralizes the pH of your mouth and cleanses the teeth. Choose cereals with raisins or grab a handful for a healthy after meal treat!

5. Cheese- Not only delicious but it contains lactic acid which protects against tooth decay. Don't forget to grab some cheese with that Red Wine!

6. Water- Need I Say More?! Not only great for your body, but good for your mouth! Sip away!

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