How often should you change your toothbrush?

Our tooth brush is one of our most commonly used tools used for a brighter, whiter smile. It is also one tool we are reluctant to replace as often as we should. The average American only replaces their tooth brush once every nine months. The American Dental Association reports that, over time, toothbrushes can become infested with bacteria. Germs are collected from the mouth and accumulate in the bristles of the toothbrush. When toothbrushes touch in a storage container in the bathroom, germs can spread easily from one family member to another. Tooth brushes take a lot of wear and tear. Once the bristles become bent, frayed and or worn, they are less effective in removing plaque. To maintain optimum dental health and a brighter smile, consider these toothbrush care guidelines:

•Replace your toothbrush every three to four months, or when the bristles look worn or frayed.

•Use a toothbrush style recommended by your dentist.

•Brush your teeth twice daily for at least two minutes each time.

•Rinse your toothbrush with hot water after each use and remove any toothpaste or debris.

•Store your toothbrush standing up in a cup or toothbrush holder – making sure other toothbrushes do not touch it – and let it air dry.

•Change your toothbrush after a cold, flu, mouth infection or sore throat, as germs can hide in the bristles and cause reinfection.

•Don’t share toothbrushes.

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