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Bad Breath Owens Cross Roads, AL

If you suffer from bad breath, you likely need to make some lifestyle changes. This embarrassing condition is clinically known as halitosis. It can affect almost every aspect of your life. Bad breath, or halitosis, is usually a clear sign that you are suffering from an underlying oral health issue. Dr. Elizabeth Duling is a dentist who helps her patients attack bad breath in Owens Cross Roads, AL.

In addition to treating many dental concerns, we have solutions for patients with bad breath. Short-term causes of bad breath include foods like garlic and onions. Brushing, flossing, and drinking enough water may be enough to eliminate bad breath from foods. However, bad breath is often connected to dental problems. Our office will help you treat chronic bad breath and your dental problems.

We treat bad breath in Owen's Cross Roads, AL

What Causes Bad Breath?

Bad breath is caused by bacteria that grow in your mouth and produce odor. While it can stem from certain foods, taking certain medications, or certain illnesses, the most common cause is a lack of proper oral hygiene. In most cases, bad breath is a sign of an underlying oral health problem such as gum disease.

Common causes of bad breath include:

  • Smoking or any tobacco use: Tobacco products like cigarettes and vapes contain chemicals that mix with saliva to create bad breath. Smoking and using tobacco can also increase the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. This means that bacteria and the tobacco products themselves lead to halitosis.
  • Gum disease: A gum infection breaks down the natural gum tissue over time. As gum disease worsens, bacteria break down the gum tissue, and the gums recede. The harmful bacteria that damage the gums create bad breath.
  • Tooth cavities: A cavity is a hole in the tooth enamel caused by tooth decay. Like gum disease, bad breath is a common symptom of tooth decay. Harmful bacteria rot the teeth, which creates a foul odor.
  • Thrush (a yeast infection in the mouth): Oral thrush is a fungal infection. An imbalance of good and bacteria in the mouth from thrush causes bad breath. Thrush can also create a bad taste in your mouth.
  • Dry mouth: This condition occurs when there is not enough saliva. Saliva helps wash away food debris and bacteria contributing to tooth and gum disease. These bacteria also contribute to halitosis.
  • Dental restorations that do not fit properly: Food debris can collect under a loose dental bridge or denture. As this trapped food breaks down, it creates foul-smelling breath.

Treating Bad Breath in Owens Cross Roads, AL

Finding a dentist to help you discover the root cause is the key to treating your bad breath. Dr. Duling is an expert dentist who can identify and treat most dental concerns, including bad breath you may be facing.

The first step is to schedule a consult with Dr. Duling at her dental practice in Owens Cross Roads, AL. She will complete an evaluation and discuss your lifestyle habits to determine the cause of your bad breath. She offers many types of effective treatments to treat halitosis.

We may need to coordinate care with your doctor since many other causes of bad breath are unrelated to oral hygiene. Certain medications can contribute to dry mouth and a higher likelihood of infection. Dr. Duling will consider your medications and medical conditions when providing treatment.

Your treatment may include in-office procedures and at-home care. In addition to your regular daily routine, we may recommend these treatments for bad breath:

Regular dental visits are sometimes enough to keep bad breath in check. At regular dental visits, we provide professional cleanings to remove bacteria from the teeth and gums. We can remove the bacteria contributing to tooth and gum infections during scaling.

How Can I Treat My Bad Breath At Home?

In addition to these dental treatments, Dr. Duling may suggest that you get in the habit of using a tongue scraper daily. This may help eliminate the extra built-up bacteria in your mouth. Harmful or odor-causing bacteria can collect on the tongue. If you don’t brush your tongue or use a tongue scraper, bacteria on the tongue can lead to chronic bad breath. Aside from this, a strict oral hygiene routine is the best way to combat halitosis.

A toothbrush is an essential tool that you will use every single day. You should be brushing your teeth at least twice a day. However, if you suffer from bad breath, you may want to do it more often, like after every meal. Ensure you brush for two minutes, thoroughly cleaning your teeth and gums.

Additionally, you need to floss daily. Flossing before brushing will dislodge food particles stuck between your teeth. When you brush after flossing, decay-fighting ingredients in your toothpaste can reach the gums and space between teeth.

Also, you should replace your toothbrush at least every three months. Over time, your toothbrush bristles can wear down. Bacteria can also collect on the brush, contributing to bad breath. Regularly replacing your toothbrush will keep your breath fresh.

Drinking water daily can help treat dry mouth, a common cause of bad breath. Proper hydration helps increase saliva production and improves breath. If you have temporary bad breath, having mints or minty foods can help neutralize odors.

Other necessary steps to treating bad breath involve visiting your dentist every six months. A routine dental exam is the only way to catch a dental problem you may be suffering from that is causing the halitosis. Your dentist can also tell you if you do not clean your dental restoration and will recommend the proper way to care for your restoration.

Get Fresher Breath Today

Bad breath is a condition that can affect your entire life. Do not hesitate to seek treatment from Dr. Duling for bad breath in Owens Cross Roads, AL. She can help you improve your oral health and your quality of life. Call our office today to book your appointment at 256.202.4186 or schedule an appointment online.