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Dental Bridge Owens Cross Roads, AL

Are you missing multiple consecutive teeth? Do you want a comfortable and durable replacement for your missing teeth? Dr. Elizabeth Duling offers dental bridges as a dental restoration to patients in her Owens Cross Roads, AL dental office. Traditional dental bridges use the support of natural teeth to hold prosthetic teeth in place. Natural teeth can also be capped off with crowns as protection. More modern dental bridges, particularly fixed bridges, can be secured with dental implants.

Dental Bridges in Owens Cross Roads, Alabama

Dental Bridge Treatment

Dental bridges can be removable or fixed. Removable bridges are not as stable or permanent as fixed bridges, which is why they are often temporary. This type of bridge is often used before patients fixed bridges are complete. Alternatively, fixed bridges offer more structural support. When secured with dental implants, fixed bridges last longer and are stabilized in the mouth. Dental implants replace teeth at the root and support the health of the whole dental structure.

We may provide temporary crowns or a temporary bridge while a permanent bridge is being fabricated. If you are receiving dental implants for your bridge, we will refer you to a specialist. Our team can create dental crowns as well as the final bridge restoration.

Caring For a Dental Bridge

After your treatment, the mouth will still feel numb. Refrain from eating and drinking hot beverages until the numbness is worn off. Avoid eating sticky or hard foods and chew on the opposite side of your mouth. You can brush your teeth with a soft-bristled brush and floss gently. The best method is to pull the floss out from the side of any temporary crowns that are placed.

It is normal to experience temperature and pressure sensitivity. We may also provide pain medications following your treatments. Please contact our office if you feel persistent pain that lasts for multiple days after your treatment and we will help.

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Do you need to restore the form and function of your teeth? Learn more about what dental bridges can do for your smile. Request a consultation with Dr. Duling online or call her Owens Cross Roads dental office at 256.202.4186.