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Your smile is the first thing people will notice about you and is also the gateway to the rest of your body. Making sure you achieve and maintain a healthy and good-looking smile is the best thing you can do for your confidence, oral health, and overall health. Dr. Elizabeth Duling is a talented dentist in Owens Cross Roads, AL, who treats many dental concerns to improve her patient’s dental health.

She provides patients with general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry solutions to resolve their dental concerns. When you notice a new dental concern, you must immediately address it. Please do not hesitate to contact your local dentist, even if you are unsure you have a serious concern. Receiving immediate dental treatment can prevent further complications and worsening problems. Our office is ready to answer all your questions and help you find solutions to common dental issues.

We treat many common dental concerns in Owens Cross Roads, AL

What to Expect When You Visit Our Office

Your local dentist in Owens Cross Roads, AL, is a patient-focused practice. We understand that everyone is different and has individual dental needs. Our dental professionals will discuss your health needs and goals during your consultation.

We will work with you to provide the proper diagnosis. Then, we will create a treatment plan to match your individual needs. Dr. Duling will consider your dental history, medical conditions, and current symptoms. She will customize your dental care according to your specific budget and goals.

You can expect to receive expert dental health care when you visit us. Our state-of-the-art dentist office offers a comfortable atmosphere where we deliver top-quality dental treatments. Whatever your oral health care needs, we will find the proper treatment.

Common Dental Concerns in Owens Cross Roads, AL

Addressing your dental concerns will benefit your long-term oral health. Some oral health issues will develop into bigger problems the longer you delay treatment. You should seek treatment as soon as possible to avoid permanent or further damage to the teeth and gums.

Some of the most common dental concerns Dr. Duling treats in her office include:

Crooked Teeth

Misaligned and crooked teeth are more than a cosmetic issue. They can also lead to tooth decay, gum disease, bite problems, and a higher risk of tooth damage and breakage. Crooked teeth are hard to clean and can create uneven pressure on the teeth and jaw.

If you have moderate orthodontic problems, we offer several treatments to align your teeth. These treatments include Invisalign, ClearCorrect, and Six Month Smiles. After straightening your teeth, you can benefit from an improved look and easier cleaning.

Bleeding Gums

If your gums bleed when you brush and floss, you likely have inflamed gums. Bleeding gums are never a good sign. In most cases, this is the first sign of gingivitis, the early stage of gum disease.

Plaque, or a sticky bacterial film, is a substance that constantly forms in your mouth. It will build up your teeth if not removed regularly with brushing. This can lead to gum irritation and inflammation that causes the gums to bleed. Dr. Duling offers several gum disease treatments to help treat bleeding gums.

Discolored Teeth

Yellow, stained, or discolored teeth are not attractive. Many patients suffer from embarrassment due to this dental concern. Teeth can stain for many reasons, including medication, disease, certain types of food and drink, and aging. We offer many types of treatment to tackle this common dental problem.

Dental Anxiety

If you are anxious or scared to visit the dentist, you are not alone. Many of our patients suffer from dental anxiety or fear of the dentist. This dental concern can stem from many things. Our caring and compassionate dentist’s office welcomes people with this issue. We provide several strategies to help you get the dental treatments you need.

Chipped Tooth

A chipped tooth is a common dental accident. Patients can chip their teeth during sports, when they chew on hard objects, or when they grind their teeth. Dr. Duling offers several treatments that can fix a chipped tooth.

Bonding is a quick and economical option for a tooth chip. Veneers can cover the front of a chipped tooth to improve its appearance. Dental bonding and veneers are best for more minor tooth chips. If you have a deep chip in your tooth and develop an infection, we will recommend a root canal and dental crown.

Bad Breath

When we treat bad breath, we address the root cause of the problem. Depending on the cause, we offer multiple treatment options. Smelly foods, thrush, gum disease, and tooth decay are common causes of bad breath.

In most cases, we recommend a more thorough at-home oral hygiene routine. Drinking enough water daily and visiting the dentist for cleanings can create fresher breath. Professional deep cleanings and antibiotics can lessen bad breath if you have a tooth or gum infection.


Painful headaches are a common daily occurrence for many people. However, if you suffer from frequent headaches, you must determine the underlying cause. Contact our office if you suspect your bite or jaw contributes to your headaches. Dental problems like TMJ disorders and crooked teeth can cause regular headaches.

These problems create uneven pressure that increases facial tension and headaches. Seeking proper treatment at the dentist can alleviate your pain and prevent potential complications.

Tooth Infection

A tooth infection can cause significant discomfort and pain. Poor dental health often leads to tooth decay. Harmful bacteria feed on sugars and starches left in the mouth. Over time, the bacteria feed on food debris and break down the natural tooth enamel, or outer tooth layer. If you don’t treat a tooth infection, it can spread to other body parts, leading to serious health problems.

Contact Our Dental Office

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