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Implant-Supported Crown Owens Cross Roads, AL

If you have a missing tooth, Dr. Elizabeth Duling will present you with two standard ways to replace it. The best ways to replace a tooth that will need to be extracted or a tooth that is already lost is with a dental bridge or a dental crown that is supported by a dental implant. Dr. Duling offers both traditional dental bridges and implant supported crowns in Owens Cross Roads, AL.

implant supported crowns in Owens Cross Roads, AL

Implant-Supported Crown vs. a Traditional Dental Bridge

If you have a missing tooth, you will have to choose between a dental bridge and a dental implant. It is good to understand the difference between them as well as the pros and cons.

A traditional dental bridge relies on adjacent teeth to support the fixture. These neighboring teeth, called abutment teeth, must be altered and reduced in size to create room for the bridge. The abutment teeth also endure extra stress making them at risk for damaged and decay. Since the fixture is secured to remaining teeth, the stability of the whole fixture relies on the health of those teeth. However, a traditional dental bridge is cheaper than implant supported crown and can be completed faster.

An implant supported crown will only replace the tooth that is missing. This solution does not require permanently altering any healthy, remaining teeth. It also replaces the missing tooth root which will avoid bone loss in the jaw, something the dental bridge will not do. Since the crown is secured to an implant which is fixed in the jaw bone, it is very stable and durable. However, this solution is more expensive and the treatment time is much longer. It also requires a surgical procedure which some patients may not be able to undergo.

What is an Implant-Supported Crown?

A dental implant-supported crown is a comprehensive tooth replacement solution. It is not only more reliable than a traditional dental bridge, but it is also better for your oral health and more aesthetically pleasing.

A type of dental prosthesis that replaces a single tooth, a dental implant supported crown uses a single dental implant fixture to secure a custom made dental crown. Then implant fixture must be surgically placed in the jawbone where it will also act as a replacement tooth root. Here, the fixture will provide stability for the crown and also prevent bone loss in the jaw.

An implant needs about three to six months to fully fuse to the surrounding bone. After that, a small metal connector piece called an abutment is secured to it. Essentially, the abutment will connect the implant to the dental crown. There are two ways your dentist can secure the dental crown to abutment. Your dentist can use cement or a tiny screw.

Cement-Retained Implant Crowns

A cement-retained implant crown is a common type of implant-supported crowns. With this technique, your dentist will use dental cement to bond the custom crown to the abutment. The type of abutment used with this type of implant crown is custom made to bond with a cement-retained implant crown. It is easy to clean to clean and maintain and provides excellent aesthetics.

Screw-Retained Dental Crowns

Another way your dentist can secure the crown to the abutment is with a tiny screw. With this technique, the crown is screwed onto the abutment. This type of implant crown offers several benefits. Your dentist can easily remove and replace the crown when necessary. It provides better access if the crown requires maintenance or adjustments. They are also easy to clean and care for and offer good aesthetics for the patient’s smile.

Book a consult today with Dr. Duling to learn more about this missing tooth solution. For patients that qualify, we offer implant-supported crowns in Owens Cross Roads, AL. Even though this solution is more expensive and the treatment time is longer, is the best solution for a missing tooth compared to a traditional dental bridge. You can request an appointment online or call the office Dr. Duling at 256.202.4186 to book your appointment.