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Sedation Dentistry Owens Cross Roads, AL

For some patients, visiting the dentist’s office can be anxiety-inducing. We want all of our dental patients to look forward to visiting our office so they can get the care they need. Our dental and office staff aim to create a warm and welcoming environment for every patient. Because of this, Dr. Elizabeth Duling offers sedation dentistry in her Owens Cross Roads, AL office. Sedation dentistry is a general dentistry treatment that allows patients to feel relaxed during their dental treatment.

Patients who suffer from fear or anxiety can receive dental sedation for more routine treatments. We also use sedation dentistry for procedures like tooth extractions and root canals.

Sedation Dentistry in Owens Cross Roads, AL

Benefits of Dental Sedation

Sedation dentistry allows patients to get the care they need. Dental sedation:

  • Offers painless treatment
  • Allows dentists to provide faster care
  • Requires fewer dental appointments
  • Eases fear and anxiety

Please let us know if you or a loved one require dental sedation for your next appointment. We will work with you to find the best solution for your needs.

Types of Sedation Dentistry in Owen’s Cross Roads, AL

We offer two types of dental sedation: oral and nitrous sedation. Oral conscious sedation is taken as a pill before treatment. Dr. Duling will give you the required dosage that you need. Under oral conscious sedation, you will feel relaxed but conscious during your care. You may also feel drowsy and may not remember your appointment details.

Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is a mild sedative. You breathe nitrous oxide and oxygen through a mask that we place over the nose and mouth. This type of sedation keeps you awake and aware while still calm and relaxed. The effects of laughing gas wear off as soon as we remove the mask. You can drive yourself to and from your appointment if you only receive nitrous oxide.

Who Can Dental Sedation Help?

Sedation can help patients with dental anxiety. Dental fear can range from a fear of certain machines or sounds to anxiety so debilitating that patients can’t even walk into our office. Sedation allows these patients to come in for their regular dental care appointments. Preventative care is essential to avoid more severe problems down the road.

Treating Dental Anxiety and Dental Fear

When patients with anxiety have been avoiding care, they will need more invasive procedures. It’s harder for patients with dental fear to get routine procedures, let alone ones that are more invasive. Sedation allows them to get these procedures, too. It’s helpful to anyone who is getting multiple or lengthy dental procedures in our office. Even if you don’t have dental fear, you can find it hard to relax in the dental chair for a long time.

Sedation benefits many other patients, too. Some have movement disorders or other medical conditions that make it hard to sit still. Involuntary movements make it hard for a dentist to do their job, especially with some sharp tools and instruments. Sedation allows us to provide care without the risk of injury.

Nitrous oxide also takes care of children who struggle with sitting still. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recognizes nitrous oxide as safe for children. Nitrous oxide is a mild sedative with no long-term effects. We also monitor children throughout their treatment.

Some patients have an excessive gag reflex or extremely sensitive teeth. Even routine dental procedures like X-rays and impressions are difficult and uncomfortable. Sedation relaxes the gag reflex and your sensory perception so that you can get complete care. Sedation plays a big part in ensuring you have the most comfortable experience at our dentist’s office.

Effective Dental Treatment

Lastly, sedation helps make our job easier, too. We can focus all our attention on your dental care and ensure everything goes smoothly. We don’t have to worry about controlling your movements or taking things slow because of how your body reacts. Sedation allows us to do our job quicker and more efficiently. We can provide dental care promptly without interruption.

Sedation Dentistry FAQs

Dental sedation can benefit many different types of patients. Learn more by reading the answers to these commonly asked questions.

How long does it take sedation dentistry to wear off?

Since nitrous oxide is a gas, the effects will wear off almost immediately after removing the mask. Oral sedation, on the other hand, will take hours to wear off. Once your appointment ends, you will need a ride home since you will still be sedated. Depending on your dosage, the effects should wear off in about two to eight hours.

How will I feel during oral sedation?

Oral sedation puts you into a deep state of relaxation. You will not be asleep and can even respond to basic commands. Most people know what is happening but are not anxious about it. The most significant advantage of this form of sedation is that patients do not remember much from the appointment if anything at all.

Can I still feel pain during dental sedation?

Being in a sedated state will raise your threshold for pain. However, we will still use local anesthetic for your comfort. We will inject the numbing agent after you are sedated. This is helpful for patients who suffer from a fear of needles.

Will I be able to hear the dentist when I’m sedated?

Yes, under oral conscious sedation, you can hear the dentist and dental staff while under sedation. Our staff will communicate with you what is happening and you will be able to understand. However, you may be so relaxed that you do not respond. Once the sedation has worn off, you may remember having the conversations but not exactly what was said.

Am I completely asleep when I’m under sedation?

No, sedation doesn’t put you to sleep. You’re still conscious when you’re under our dental sedation. While you may fall asleep because you’re so relaxed, that’s not the direct effect of the sedation. You may also have moments of amnesia where you don’t remember parts of the procedure. All of this is normal.

Are there long-term impacts of sedation?

No, you won’t have effects past a few hours after your sedation and procedure. Oral conscious sedation causes you to feel drowsy for a few hours after your procedure. This is why you need a ride to and from your appointment. After a good night of rest, you should return to normal the next day.

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Contact our dental office for treatment if you or a loved one have dental fear or anxiety. Try sedation dentistry in our Owens Cross Roads, AL office today. Request a dental consultation with Dr. Duling on our website. You can also call Dr. Duling at 256.202.4186. Let us know if you have further questions about dental sedation; we will help.