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Botox & Dentistry

When you think about visiting the dentist, the image that often comes to mind includes dental cleanings, X-rays, and cavity fillings. However, a transformation has been taking place in dental offices around the world with Botox and dermal fillers becoming increasingly popular treatments for our patients. Dentists can be uniquely qualified to place Botox or dermal fillers due to their in-depth knowledge of the musculoskeletal structure of the face and neck.

The Magic of Botox for a Youthful Smile

As we age, fine lines and wrinkles are an inevitable part of life. Dr. Duling can place strategic Botox injections to restore a more youthful complexion, reducing visible lines on the face. Botox and fillers can treat brow lines, frown lines, and wrinkles around the mouth and nose. Restoring volume and relaxing the underlying muscles, these treatments smooth your skin and reduce signs of aging.

Filling Gaps: Dermal Fillers For Dental Health And Beauty

Dermal fillers can be used cosmetically to add volume wherever needed – lips losing volume due to aging being one example. These injectables stimulate collagen production to boost volume and improve the aesthetic appeal of your smile.

The impact of facial rejuvenation often goes beyond physical improvements; they have profound psychological effects too. Freedom from dental discomfort or insecurities related to one’s smile can significantly boost self-confidence influencing various aspects of life positively.

Botox As A Treatment For Bruxism

Botox has also proven effective as a treatment for bruxism – an involuntary behavior characterized by teeth grinding that could lead to jaw pain, headaches, enamel wear, gum sensitivity, or even chipped teeth. With its muscle-relaxing properties, Botox shows promise in stopping jaw clenching and teeth grinding at least temporarily according to studies published in Neurology and Pain Research & Management. It works by paralyzing the muscles responsible for moving your jaw reducing clenching along with any accompanying tension or aches in your head.

Dr. Duling will discuss your symptoms and evaluate the condition of your jaw joints and oral health to determine if therapeutic Botox is the best solution for you.