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Clear Braces Owens Cross Roads, AL

We offer an array of options for patients who want to straighten their smiles effectively. Dr. Elizabeth Duling provides clear braces as a conservative and minimally invasive treatment in Owens Cross Roads, AL. Invisalign, ClearCorrect, and Six Month Smiles are modern methods of realigning the teeth and typically offer quicker treatment than traditional methods.

As a cosmetic dental treatment, straightening crooked teeth can prevent problems like shifting teeth, overcrowding, tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease. Because they are difficult to clean, misaligned teeth are more prone to decay or infection. Straightening teeth is actually preventative care.

Clear Braces in Owens Cross Roads, Alabama


Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners that are used to gradually straighten teeth over time. Dr. Duling will take dental impressions of teeth to create the custom aligners. She will then map out each aligner that is worn according to the impression. The aligners are worn for 22 hours a day and are switched every two weeks as teeth shift. Invisalign allows patients to comfortably realign their teeth while being able to eat the foods they love.


Like Invisalign, ClearCorrect uses clear removable plastic aligners. However, ClearCorrect aligners are thinner and less visible. Patients who receive ClearCorrect do not have any dietary restrictions and can easily brush and floss their teeth. ClearCorrect is also more comfortable than traditional metal braces.

To begin treatment, Dr. Duling will take digital impressions of the patient’s teeth. The impressions are then sent ClearCorrect where they create the clear plastic aligners. Aligners should be gently brushed with a toothbrush and water. Although ClearCorrect aligners are less visible and easier to maintain, they are more fragile and prone to damage.

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles are braces that use clear, lightweight brackets and tooth-colored wires. This system gently straightens teeth in an average time of only 6 months. Patients with mild to severe cosmetic issues benefit from this treatment. Although Six Month Smiles requires special care to clean around the wires and brackets, it can produce results fast.

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