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Dental Implants FAQs Owens Cross Roads, AL

Dental Implants FAQS

If you are missing teeth, Dr. Elizabeth Duling offers dental implants in Owens Cross Roads, AL. She works with some of the top local dental surgeons to provide her patients with the best tooth replacement solution available. Please read through some of our frequently asked questions about dental implants to learn more about them.

Dental Implants FAQs Owens Cross Roads, AL

What are the negatives of dental implants?

While dental implants are the best option to replace missing teeth, there are a few potential negatives to consider. They are more expensive compared to dentures and dental bridges. The process to get them involves a surgical procedure. Oral surgery carries some risks including infection, damage to the nerves, and bleeding. Once the implants are surgically in place, it takes several months to heal which will extend the entire process time. Dental implants also have a chance of failing. It is very important to take good care of your oral health to prevent implant failure.

How painful is it to get a dental implant?

Getting a dental implant is typically a painless procedure. Before the procedure, the dentist or oral surgeon will use a local anesthetic around the implant site to numb the area. While you won’t feel pain during the surgery, you may feel sore and swell a little afterward. Over the counter pain medication and ice packs are typically enough to soothe the discomfort.

How long will my dental implants last?

Your dental implants are a forever solution for your tooth loss. However, they do require proper care in order to last a lifetime. You will need to maintain proper oral hygiene, refrain from smoking, remain in good overall health, and use a mouthguard if needed. These basic steps will ensure that your implants will last forever.

How long after extraction can I get dental implant?

The timing for getting a dental implant after your dentist extracts a tooth will depend on several factors. The location of the tooth, your overall health, and the condition of your surrounding bone and tissue are all factors that your dentist will need to consider. In most cases, we like to wait until the extraction site has healed which can take 2 weeks up to 2 months. Ultimately, it is up to your dentist and oral surgeon. In some cases, the tooth can be removed and the implant placed in the same day.

Will I have no teeth while waiting for implants?

No, you will not have to go without teeth at any point during the dental implant process. We will provide you with a temporary dental restoration during the waiting periods. Dr. Duling with evaluate your teeth to determine the type of temporary dental restoration you need until your permanent one is ready. This will also be a part of your treatment plan.

How many teeth can a dental implant support?

A single dental implant should really only replace one tooth. However, two dental implants can replace up to five teeth. With an implant located on each side of the gap, your dentist can then secure a dental bridge to the implants. There is no need to replace each individual tooth with a separate implant. As little as four dental implants can replace a whole row of teeth.

How much do full mouth dental implants cost?

The cost of any dental implant treatment will vary significantly from patient to patient. This is because there are many factors that go into the cost of treatment. The price for full mouth implants can cost anywhere from $12,000 to $25,000 per arch. However, this is just an estimate. The number of implants, the kind of implants, where they are placed, whether or not you require any pre-treatments, and the current state of your oral health are all factors that determine the total cost. To get an estimate for your treatment, book a consult with Dr. Duling at her Owen’s Cross Roads, AL dental practice.