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Botox & Dermal Fillers Owens Cross Roads, AL

Dr. Elizabeth Duling offers Botox®, dermal fillers, and PRF facials in her Owens Cross Roads, AL office. With these cosmetic treatments, she helps patients address fine lines, wrinkles, and even TMD. Fillers or injections can be performed at routine dental care visits for our patient’s convenience. Dr. Duling and her cosmetic team are dedicated to providing high-quality care using safe methods for the best results. She welcomes all patient questions about their cosmetic options.

Botox in Owens Cross Roads, Alabama


Botox® Cosmetic is FDA-approved for treating chronic headaches, muscle tension, and jaw pain, all symptoms related to TMJ disorders. Patients who want to revitalize the look of their skin can also receive cosmetic treatment with Botox. Botox is a neurotoxin that is injected into muscle tissue. It relaxes the treated muscle, releases tension, and reduces the muscles’ activity. This also smooths the skin.

Botox injections offer quick treatment with results lasting up to half a year. Though it’s temporary, it’s an effective and popular solution. In addition, it has that added effect of smoothing out the skin and reducing lines and wrinkles. We will help you schedule follow-up appointments to avoid headaches and other TMD-related concerns.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers reduce the signs of aging by filling in the wrinkles and other imperfections in the skin. They can be used on multiple areas, including the lips, cheeks, hands, and temples. One of the benefits of fillers is that our patients can see results immediately.

Fillers in the lips are used to augment them and give them a fuller appearance. Our lips can age just like the rest of our bodies. If you have asymmetrical lips, fillers can help even them out so that you have a more symmetrical overall smile.

Many people don’t realize that dermal fillers can also be used to treat hyperpigmentation. We inject the fillers into areas of your face that have dark spots. Fillers help disperse and soften the pigment, lightening the darker areas. Some patients may need only one treatment to eliminate hyperpigmentation, while others may require multiple sessions. It all depends on the severity of the dark spots.

Dermal fillers are a great way to accentuate your beautiful smile. Combining cosmetic dentistry with dermal fillers can give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of. If you have a smile you’re proud of, you want to highlight it and make sure it’s something people notice about you.

PRF Facials

PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) is a growth factor derived from the blood. This growth factor can smooth the skin and is used under the eyes, cheeks, or other problem areas. PRF is extracted and spun in a centrifuge to separate the blood’s growth factors. It can be used as a mask or injected into the skin. We use single-use, sterile needles that are safe for patients during this treatment. PRF facials reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve moisture retention, and enhance skin texture.

Why Choose A Dentist For Cosmetic Services?

You may think it’s odd to get cosmetic injections from your dentist. But no practitioner is as experienced with the maxillofacial area as a dentist is. They’re specially trained to know how the muscles in your face work and how they respond to certain things. Dentists have years of training and coursework that deal with facial anatomy. They also have experience working in cramped, hard-to-reach places, which may sometimes occur with cosmetic procedures.

Dentists also receive training in providing patients with injections. They frequently use local anesthetics in their profession. Dentists know how to measure the depth of an injection to ensure that you receive the desired result. We want to ensure you get the effect you want, without the risk of injury. They’re precise and accurate so that you get the best treatment.

The facial area can be a difficult place to work. And that’s why it’s ideal to go to a dentist for dermal fillers and Botox. They’re used to performing care that’s very delicate and precise. Combining this with their knowledge of facial structure makes them experts in this kind of care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Botox® Cosmetic help with my TMJ headaches?

Botox® Cosmetic is an approved treatment for TMJ disorders. Studies have found that these injections will improve the jaw’s range of motion and reduce pain in the temporomandibular joint. However, it is not a permanent fix, but you will have relief for months afterward! It is a great solution to utilize while you look for the root cause of your TMJ headaches.

How can I further enhance the appearance of my smile?

Undoubtedly, the best thing you can do to have a perfect smile is to make oral hygiene a routine in your life. However, cosmetic dentistry, facial fillers, and facials can enhance your appearance. Dr. Duling is trained and experienced in administering Botox®, dermal fillers, and PRF facials.

She can recommend additional treatments to enhance your smile during a cosmetic consultation, giving you a whole face makeover.

Is it safe to have a dentist administer dermal fillers?

A dentist administering dermal fillers as part of a total smile makeover is safe. All dentists that offer these cosmetic treatments must undergo education and training to administer them. This includes safety measures and risk assessments.  Dr. Duling has been taught to evaluate patients to ensure the best possible outcome.

What should I avoid before getting Botox or dermal fillers?

Unless they’re medically necessary, avoid taking any supplements, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, or blood thinning medications for a few weeks before the procedure. Blood thinning makes you more likely to bruise after the procedure. Avoid alcohol for the same reason. Try to lessen your caffeine and salt intake for a few days before your appointment. Their dehydrating tendencies can slow your healing time and make your procedure less successful.

What shouldn’t I do after getting Botox or dermal fillers?

Don’t rub the area or get beauty treatments like facials, as these things can move the injected solution into other facial muscles.  Avoid makeup; don’t sleep on your face for the first 24 hours after the treatment. You should also avoid excessive alcohol consumption and strenuous physical activity for this amount of time.

What shouldn’t I do after a PRF facial?

Don’t touch or rub the treated areas for at least eight hours after the procedure. You’ll want to avoid NSAID medications like Advil, as these can increase the risk of bruising. Take Tylenol for any pain you have. Don’t wash the area or shower for six hours after your treatment. Avoid lotions, creams, and makeup during this time period as well. We’ll provide you with detailed aftercare instructions after your procedure.

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