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Dr. Elizabeth Duling provides dentures to patients in Owens Cross Roads, AL. Dentures can be used to replace multiple teeth or even full arches of missing teeth. We can also replace old dentures with new ones. Signs that you need a new denture can include changes in speech clarity, wear to the prosthetic teeth, and slipping dentures.

Modern dentures, especially dentures secured by dental implants, help revitalize the look and function of patients’ smiles. Dentures improve bone retention, provide a secure fit, and allow patients to eat the foods they love. Even if you have full arches of your teeth missing, dentures are a durable and full dental restoration that can renew the appearance of your smile.

Full and Partial Dentures in Owens Cross Roads, Alabama

Full and Partial Dentures

Partial dentures benefit patients who still have multiple natural teeth and are made of clasps that attach to the remaining teeth. The bases and clasps of partial dentures are either metal or plastic and can be fabricated to blend in with the color of gum tissue. Full dentures are made for patients with no remaining teeth on the top or bottom jaw.

We can also provide patients with dentures on the same day as their tooth extraction. For a longer-lasting restoration, we can work with a local surgeon who can provide dental implants. Then, we can attach the denture to the implants in our office. Dental implants allow dentures to last for many years without any regular maintenance or repairs needed.

Receiving Dentures

Dr. Duling can provide removable dentures as well as the final restoration for implant-secured dentures. She will refer you to a local implant surgeon that can offer dental implant treatment before the denture is attached. During treatment, the surgeon will strategically place several dental implants to anchor the full or partial denture. Many patients may have a temporary denture placed, while the dental implants are healing and integrating with the jaw bone.

Removable Vs. Implant-Secured Dentures

Removable dentures are probably what you think of when you think of dentures. They need to be taken out at the end of each day to soak and clean properly. Adhesive is required to keep the dentures in your mouth. Modern dentures have made a lot of progress compared to what they used to be. They look and feel more natural in your mouth. However, they don’t have the stability of implant-secured dentures.

Implant-secured dentures are a stable restoration that stays in the mouth. Instead of taking them out at night, you can brush your teeth as you normally would. They have the added benefit of lasting longer. Implants help to restore bone deterioration that comes with missing teeth. Without the implants, your jaw will keep deteriorating and changing and your dentures will need to be relined or replaced in the future.

FAQs about Dentures

How many visits does it take to get dentures?

This depends on the type of dentures you are getting. A standard set of dentures should take about four to six visits. However, the process could take longer if you need extractions or any other type of dental work completed first. Also, you may need to have your dentist adjust your dentures a few times before they fit is perfectly. The denture implant process will take many more visits over the span of several months.

Where should dentures be kept overnight?

We recommend placing your dentures in a cup of tap water overnight. Before doing this, you should clean them with a non-abrasive brush and denture cleaner. This will keep your dentures clean and prevent them from drying out. It is important to keep your dentures from drying out completely because the acrylic will become dry and brittle.

How many hours a day can I wear my dentures?

Dentures should be removed daily for about six to eight hours. This is to give your gums a rest and to properly clean them. Most people do this at night while they are sleeping.

How long does it take to get used to dentures?

Getting used to dentures will differ from patient to patient. Most denture wearers report that it takes one to two months to acclimate to having them in. After consistent use, they will eventually feel completely normal.

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