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Dental Bonding for Cosmetic Issues

Our smiles are constantly on display, especially with social media. With the added importance of looks and aesthetics, we can analyze and critique even the most minor cosmetic issues. However, it is important that you feel comfortable in your own skin. If fixing a small problem with your smile will give you confidence, you should talk to your dentist. A simple process can solve Issues with discoloration and tooth shape.

Dental bonding is a type of cosmetic procedure that utilizes tooth-colored composite resin. Dentists use bonding to camouflage and alter problems with your teeth. It is a quick, painless process that can give you a smile you desire. Unlike some other cosmetic procedures, dental bonding is flexible and reversible. Your dentist can use it in a variety of ways. If you are unhappy with your results, your dentist can remove the bonding.

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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is an extremely popular request among patients. White smiles leave a lasting impression. If you want to whiten your teeth, there are many options from which to choose. All you need to do is click a button online or walk into the store. There, you will find many different whitening options. Additionally, you can talk to your dentist about a professional whitening treatment

However, chemical whitening cannot solve all discoloration issues. Dental trauma, medication, and genetics can cause problems with the color of your teeth. For example, if you receive a blow to the mouth—damaging one or more of your teeth, it can cause staining deep within your teeth. Also, some medications can alter how your enamel grows, making it impossible to change the color. Chemical whitening cannot break down these types of stains or color issues. 

Instead, your dentist can use dental bonding to camouflage the discoloration. Then, they can cover up the stains and give you the smile you want. 

Chipped or Broken Teeth

It is not uncommon to chip or break a tooth. Sometimes, we are unaware that our teeth are actually breakable. However, it is simple and easy to fix chipped teeth. Due to its flexible nature, your dentist can restore the original shape of your tooth. They can simply use your other teeth as a guide to make the bonding look natural. In addition, the resin is tooth-colored, which means it will blend in with your teeth. 

Using resin to fix your teeth is not just a cosmetic benefit. It can help protect your teeth from tooth decay. When there is a break in your enamel, harmful bacteria can enter your tooth. This is the first stage of tooth decay. When the nerves are exposed to bacteria, it can cause pain and discomfort. However, dental bonding can restore the look and function of your teeth. 

When there is a chip in the enamel, it can continue to erode with use. Over time, your tooth can wear away. This makes dental bonding even more valuable and beneficial. It will keep your teeth strong and healthy.