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Dental Crowns to Change Your Smile

Dental crowns are porcelain caps that your dentist will place on your teeth. To set the crown, your dentist must reshape your tooth to fit the crown. Then, they will use a special dental cement to keep the dental crown in place. Your dentist may use dental crowns for both cosmetic and restorative purposes. Whether it is an emergency fix for a broken tooth or restoration, dental crowns can change the look and function of your smile. 

3D render of dental crown hovering over reshaped tooth restorative dentistry dentist in Owen's Cross Roads Alabama

Worn Teeth

Over time, your teeth can become worn. Worn teeth make it difficult to chew your food properly. In order to chew efficiently, you need the natural points and ridges on your teeth. Without the natural shape of your teeth, it is possible to experience poor nutrition. 

This can be a natural occurrence due to age or due to a condition known as bruxism. Bruxism happens when you grind or clench your teeth. Unfortunately, this can prematurely damage your teeth. 

Broken Teeth

Teeth can break for a variety of reasons. Enamel erosion and tooth decay can weaken the structure of your teeth. Additionally, you can break a tooth by eating certain foods or using your teeth as tools. When this happens, you will need a dental crown to restore the function of your tooth. Without a crown, you may experience significant pain. This is because a broken tooth can expose the nerves within your teeth. To eliminate your pain, your dentist will use a dental crown to restore your tooth. 

It is also vital for your oral health to restore your tooth and enamel. First, a broken tooth can cause you to chew differently, which can damage your other teeth. This can also create additional dental problems. Second, damaged enamel can increase your chances of developing tooth decay.

If you have a large cavity or need a root canal, your dentist may need to use a dental crown to support your tooth. With a cavity, your dentist will need to remove the infected portion of your tooth. Then, they need to fill the cavity with a dental resin in order to provide structure to your teeth. However, your dentist will also need to supply a dental crown to restore the points and ridges of your teeth. 

Dental Appliance

There are several dental appliances that use dental crowns. With restorative dental options, there has to be more support to keep the appliance in place, especially if it is for missing teeth. With missing teeth, dental cement alone is not a good choice for a permanent or long-term placement. Therefore, your dentist will use a dental crown to keep many appliances in place or substitute your natural tooth. 

For example, dental bridges are a type of tooth replacement that fill the gap between missing teeth. This appliance uses metal support attached to the remaining teeth on either side of the gap. There will be a porcelain crown that fills the place of your missing teeth. Additionally, your dentist will use dental crowns to secure the dental bridge in place.