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Treating Sleep Apnea in Owens Cross Roads, AL

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How Are You Sleeping? Sleep Apnea Treatment In Owen's Cross Roads, AL

Do you wake up feeling rested and refreshed or groggy and tired? Have you been diagnosed with a sleep disorder or sleep apnea?

Dr. Duling provides treatment for sleep apnea and sleep-disordered breathing using oral appliance therapy. Schedule a consultation to discuss your concerns, diagnosis, or alternatives to the CPAP. The importance of restful sleep cannot be underestimated- it can impact many aspects of your overall health and wellness.

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Do Credentials Matter?

  • Diplomate of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine
  • Board Certified Dentist
  • Committed to Extensive Continuing Education
  • Author of "Everyone Sleeps, or Should"

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Are you ready to improve your quality of sleep & life?

Oral appliance therapy may be the perfect solution for your sleep disorder. Oral appliances are customized to your unique physiology and your overall needs. Dr. Duling offers a range of appliances to meet the varying needs of our patients and to ensure that each patient receives the best possible outcome through treatment. Oral appliances are designed to:
  • Repositon the jaw to improve the airway
  • Be comfortable for sleeping
  • Be portable for travel
Recognizing and treating sleep apnea is important for many reasons. Not only will oral health symptoms improve but also your daily quality of life.

5 Questions to Ask Your Sleep Apnea Dentist Before you sign up for an oral appliance, you should ask a few questions to determine if the specialist treating you has the experience and range of appliance to provide you with the best treatment possible.

Do you have specialized education?

Many dentists and “sleep specialists” actually have little to no training using oral appliances correctly to treat snoring or OSA.  They may have prescribed an appliance for a mere handful of patients during their time in the dental field.  Dr. Duling is a diplomate of the American Academy of Dental Sleep medicine, and has passed a board examination after years of continuing education.

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How Many types of Appliances do you have experience with?   

No dentist should offer only one option when it comes to oral appliances because there is simply no one option that is appropriate for all patients.  Dr. Duling offers patients 5 different options that are further customized to meet your needs.

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Do you include follow-up?  

Unfortunately, some dentists make appliances and do not include follow-up appointments.  Research shows that follow-up is one of the most important factors for an appliance to successfully treat sleep apnea.  Dr. Duling includes one year of follow-up appointments for all patients.

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Do you work with my insurance?

  Oral appliance therapy is covered for most OSA patients by their medical insurance including Medicare.  Dr. Duling is able to bill your medical insurance for oral appliance therapy.  Dr. Duling’s office verifies insurance coverage prior to beginning treatment and will bill your medical insurance on your behalf.

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What happens if my appliance is lost or damaged? 

 Most medical insurances will only cover an appliance to treat obstructive sleep apnea every 5 years, leaving patients responsible for the full cost of a new appliance if theirs is damaged or lost.  Dr. Duling’s office offers an in-office rewards program to prevent this from happening to her patients.

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Live Pain Free. Wake Up Rested.

Owens Cross Roads, AL

Dental Health Solutions for Complex Needs.

Dr. Duling is committed to the overall health and wellness of each individual patient. If you are experiencing discomfort related to your bite and have concerns about the quality of your sleep, our dental office is a great place to start your journey to better health.

We believe that everyone should enjoy their best smile. Our dental care team strives for the best possible patient experience and personalized oral health care that will meet your needs. Schedule a consultation to explore your treatment options and learn more about our dental services.

Sleep Apnea
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Sleep Apnea Patient Resources Everything You need to Know About Our Office

Do you take my dental insurance?

Dr. Duling is currently a participating provider with several carriers and will file for all others. Contact our office with specific questions.

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How long is a consultation?

When discussing and evaluating for sleep apnea, Dr. Duling will need about an hour. This allows for comprehensive information gathering.

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Sleep Apnea Registration

Fill out your registration forms prior to your first visit with Dr. Duling. Click the link below to download and print your forms.

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Do you work with anxious patients?

Dr. Duling and our dental care team welcome patients who are anxious or fearful. We have a compassionate approach to your care.

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