TMJ Treatment Options

Many treatment options exist for TMJ Pain.  We always want to start with the least invasive treatment.  A soft diet, over the counter pain medications and time often resolve the problem.

If the issue persists, further diagnosis and treatment become necessary. A full TMJ exam is the first step after eliminating tooth issues and ent issues. Joint imaging and/or a sleep study may be needed to fully understand the problem.  Once a diagnosis is made treatment options can be discussed.

Treatment options include:  splint therapy, physical therapy, trigger point therapy and prolotherapy to name a few.  Surgery or disc arthroscopy should be only in worst case scenarios.  In many cases, the discomfort can be treated without surgery.

The medical-dental community is learning more and more about TMJD pain.  At one time, a flat nightguard was the recommended treatment for everyone (even if they were having pain during the day and not the night- Yes, I know, that doesn't make any sense!).   If that didn't improve the issue the patient was sent for surgery.  Luckily, the medical and dental communities have found a variety of less invasive solutions.


Learn the signs you may have TMJ.



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